The Tamu Room


Katiti ni Tamu This is the smallest of all the four apartments in Baytil Ajaib. It’s approximately 20 sqm and dedicated to a single individual that wishes to be completely unto him or herself on the highest floor of the hotel. “Klein aber Oho” as said often in German meaning small but precious.     It’s in this apartment that the owners experimented with color. As well as the beautiful in laid wood governing the entire apartment ceiling, the wonderful massive supporting greek columns ,carpets from Afghanistan, all original antique furniture pieces from Lamu, India, Pakistan, art deco lamps and… Read more »

The Bridal Bedroom


This is a lovely apartment of approximately 30sqm lavished with stucco mural designs that extend all the way up the walls of 5 meters. The ceiling is completely decorated in a petrified wood known as Mwangati, which translated means iron wood, painted in the traditional color of red and black with inlaid white lime. There is a lounging divan, a desk for writing and an authentic traditional Swahili Royal Wedding bed. The apartment has its own private toilet of course with hot and cold shower. All furniture in this apartment are antiques and chosen with the greatest of care. From… Read more »

The Hareem


This is the larger of the two suites that exist in Baytil Ajaib. Entering and closing of the massive antiques Swahili doors you enter into a world all of your own and total privacy.   This encompasses an entire floor, approximately 150 sqm with rooms offering inner balconies leading to a large courtyard teeming with lush tropical plants providing un-parallel seclusion.   Due to the lighting of different times of the day the walls often glow with hues and nuances from the sun and clusters of palms and ferns are fanned by the breeze through the central courtyard where butterflies… Read more »

The Garden Suite


After several nooks and crannies one emerges on the very top level of the hotel. Tucked away and half hidden around a corner of a frangipani tree is a small wooden door that opens up onto a suite of several rooms with a private courtyard submerging one into a Garden of Eden. Palm trees, ferns, desert Roses, a pomegranate, cactus, bougainvillea and if you’re lucky the Queen of the night jasmine bush may be in bloom.   This barrage of foliage continues off of the main courtyard and around an enjoining section of this suite that is built back, and… Read more »