Katiti ni Tamu

This is the smallest of all the four apartments in Baytil Ajaib. It’s approximately 20 sqm and dedicated to a single individual that wishes to be completely unto him or herself on the highest floor of the hotel. “Klein aber Oho” as said often in German meaning small but precious.



It’s in this apartment that the owners experimented with color. As well as the beautiful in laid wood governing the entire apartment ceiling, the wonderful massive supporting greek columns ,carpets from Afghanistan, all original antique furniture pieces from Lamu, India, Pakistan, art deco lamps and tables, as well as a large brass heavily decorated serving plate from Syria dominating the surrounding walls finished in blue and aubergine Tadelakt pigmentation of alabaster and marble dust. It’s total harmony at it’s best!

Maxium number of people: 1
Cost: Single B&B Euro 90 per night

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